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Trend Alert: Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s no secret that for ages women have dreaded bridesmaid dresses. The process of picking the right dress is stressful for both the bride and the wedding party. The bride has the near-impossible task in trying to pick a dress that makes everyone happy (including herself) … and the bridal party faces the burden of having to pay for a dress that they will probably never wear again (and might hate).

However, for future (lucky) bridesmaids everywhere, there is a new trend that is taking the bridal world by storm and I have to admit I really love it! Gone are the days of matching frilly, chiffon dresses … as brides everywhere are instead opting for mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

While it sounds like something many people would not like (myself included), it actually has so many perks. Not only does this trend let bridesmaids choose a dress that fits their body type, but it can give your bridal party a fun and fashion forward look.  

However, if you do opt for mismatched dresses it is important to set guidelines, as you don’t want one bridesmaid wearing a long black dress and one wearing a short floral print. So here are some easy, fool proof ways to successfully mismatch bridesmaid dresses.

Same color, mismatched style - if you are not quite sure if mismatched dresses are for you, but you want to give your bridesmaids a little choice in their dress, this is a great option!


Same style, different colors - this is a fun way to mix things up, let girls choose the shade that looks best on them, and is a great way to work in your wedding colors. If you choose to do this, pick colors in the same family, for example pastels or different shades of the same color.


Pure mix up! - if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy uniformity, then this is the trend for you! Truly leaving the dress choice up to your bridesmaids, but similar to mixing colors, we suggest trying to keep a common trend amongst the dresses, such as having everyone wear lace, or the same color family.


The only rule to this fun new trend is to keep the length of the dresses the same. When the hems are the same length it creates a cohesive look in pictures and will make all the difference … I promise you’ll thank us for this advice!  

 HOF Girl

Engagement Ring Help: Top Picks from our Perfection Stylists

Sometimes, you just know what you want. But sometimes, it’s hard to make a decision. These feelings can relate to anything in life, but when it comes to something as emotional and important as your diamond engagement ring, the feelings are even stronger. And the decision can be that much harder.

That’s why we have a team of experienced, online personal shopping assistants, our Perfection Stylists, who are available to help any customer at any time (on the phone, through online chat, or over email). I love chatting with our Perfection Stylist team every day (I’m lucky enough to sit near them in the office) – getting the inside scoop on trends they are seeing, questions they are hearing, asking generic diamond questions, and so much more. They really are some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

I know engagement season is rapidly approaching, so I recently asked our Perfection Stylist team to highlight some of their favorite engagement ring styles right now. Here are a few examples:

A unique halo – our PS team says, “The halo style ring is still popular, but many people want something that looks just a bit different than what is already out there. The Optima Halo Engagement Ring is a great choice!”

A new solitaire – our PS team says, “Solitaires will always be the most popular style engagement ring. But for a look that stands out a little, try a Dream® (square) cut diamond or even an offset look like this new style.”

A bold, fashionable (yet timeless) design – our PS team says, “Sometimes, she just wants big sparkle. A halo with a diamond, encrusted band gives off a bold look, and the illusion of a cushion cut center diamond in the Euphoria is both trendy and timeless.”

A true original – our PS team says, “One of our new favorites is the Aerial Cluster engagement ring – it is classic like a solitaire, but has a cluster look for big sparkle. And its feminine, snowflake inspired shape is incredibly romantic, especially for Fall/Winter proposals.”

There are even more recommendations from our Perfection Stylists - you can see them all here.

Do you have a favorite engagement ring you just found?

HOF Girl

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Hello Newlyweds: What Comes After the Wedding?

June is the most popular month of the year to get married, and all of the weddings that were happening around me have made me truly nostalgic recently. I loved every minute of wedding planning and getting married, and I was (am) jealous of all of the people who were enjoying that wedding bliss feeling for themselves now.

But then I also remembered the feeling that comes next – the “so, what now?” feeling. Getting engaged is a truly amazing experience…and then wedding planning consumes your life…and then you have this amazing celebration. And then, it’s just all over, in what seems like the blink of an eye.

That’s why so many women have almost a post-wedding depression. Of course, you have so many amazing moments to come later in life, but for some people these might be farther in the distance and they need something to look forward to, or enjoy, right now. So what should you do to keep your amazing wedding memories fresh, and your romance alive as newlyweds?

Remember and Re-Live Your Wedding

And I don’t mean just for the first month or so, or when it’s an official anniversary. Take time to look through your wedding album or other items you have saved. Dance to your first dance song. Re-create your wedding meal or your wedding cake (much smaller obviously!) for a special occasion. Maybe even visit the site of your wedding. These experiences will bring back amazing feelings when they aren’t expected.

Make Your Anniversaries Truly Special

For the first few months after you get married, ease your “post-wedding pain” by celebrating often. It can be something small like a picture, card or flowers, or as big as a getaway or special night out. And as the years tick by, don’t forget about this special occasion. Your anniversary is a true celebration every year and you should make it feel that way.

Enjoy Others’ Weddings

My husband and I were some of the first of our friends to get married, and when we started attending other weddings I realized that instead of being jealous of their special day, that it was the perfect time for us to make it our own special night. Weddings in general are so romantic and enjoyable, and we always take the time to truly enjoy each other and have fun during these special nights.

Make Date Nights a MUST

This is my number one rule for newlyweds. Once you are out of the honeymoon phase, it is easy to fall into a routine, especially if you have children fairly quick. No matter what your situation is, make date nights with your partner a priority, and make them consistent.

What is one way you keep the romance and fun alive in your relationship?

HOF Girl

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Summer Wedding Inspiration

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to get married – and with good reason. To start, there are endless choices for places to hold your wedding – indoor or outdoor, beachfront or mountaintop, waterfront in a big city, or anywhere in between.

I love summer weddings for so many reasons - mostly because of how much fun you can have while planning. No matter whether  you choose a beachy, nautical theme, an elegant, garden wedding, or even a rustic feel (not just for Fall!) here are some of my favorites ideas for ways to spice up  your wedding:

Food and Drink

Fruit infused water – a fun twist to keep your guests hydrated in style


Thinking of a signature drink? What about a signature alcohol-infused Popsicle for the cocktail hour?

We all love candy bars at weddings…but in the warm weather, think about trying an ice cream bar for dessert!


Centerpieces and Flowers

With it’s bold look and understated elegance, sunflowers are perfect as a bouquet, and can also give the table a rustic vibe with mason jars and burlap accents


Feeling tropical? Go with a brightly colored bouquet


For a classic, nautical feel – try centerpieces with seashells, coral or rope wrappings


Other Fun Ideas!

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, help guests beat the heat with programs that double as fans

No one like waiting for their escort card – make the experience enjoyable with a refreshing drink


If the reception is outside, give the space an elegant, whimsical touch with oversized balloons or strands of lights


For those who want even more great ideas – check out the Hearts On Fire Pinterest board for Summer Wedding Style…full of amazing inspiration

What is a summer wedding tip you would love to share?

HOF Girl

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Celebrate with Stars and Stripes

Maybe it’s the extra long, extremely cold winters we have in New England, but there’s nothing that makes me quite as happy as Summer. The long sunny days, vacations at the beach, and, my favorite part, new fashion trends all take center stage.

I think for most people in the U.S., the July 4th holiday really kicks off summer. So I couldn’t be more exited to celebrate this holiday next week!

And while at first I bet most people don’t think of July 4th as a fashion-focused holiday, it definitely is! Red, white and blue colors come to life…coupled with star and stripe motifs for a look that just screams “Summer is here.”

So what should your July 4th outfit look like? There are definitely a few options…

Heading to the beach or a casual BBQ with friends? Think tank tops with flags, cutoff shorts and red, white and/or blue bikinis.

Heading to a more upscale event? It’s the perfect time to break out your white pants with a blue or red striped top, or maybe a cute little July 4th inspired sundress.

And what about accessories? Luckily, the perfect solution is something you can wear all year long – star inspired jewelry. Both timeless and fashionable, the diamond earrings and necklaces in our star themed Illa Collection are the perfect, sparkling additions to your July 4th outfit.

What is your favorite Summer or July 4th outfit?

HOF Girl

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The Brilliance of Butterflies

Think about the last time you saw a butterfly. It’s hard not to be immediately amazed by these beautiful creatures. They are powerful, yet delicate…charming, yet mysterious.

And as a result, jewelry designers everywhere have long been captivated by these beautiful creatures, including our own Ilaria Lanzoni. Maybe that is why when it comes to fashion I am currently seeing butterflies everywhere!

In one of my recent blog posts, I mentioned that our new Aerial Collection (launching next week on heartsonfire.com!) includes a multitude of new shapes, unique designs and nature inspired motifs. And butterflies are one of the ones that I am most excited about.

Here are a few of my favorite styles that feature butterfly motifs…

Aerial Double Finger Ring


Aerial Diamond Pendant


Aerial Diamond Earrings


Aerial Line Bracelet

Do you love the look of butterflies?

 HOF Girl

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Show HIM Some Love: Perfect Father’s Day Gifts

As women, we tend to be the ones who get spoiled more in the relationship – and while I enjoy it just as much as the next woman, our men do need some love too.  That’s why Father’s Day has a special place in my heart…as the perfect chance to really pamper the special men in our lives.


Father’s have a tough job, and it comes in many forms. So, no matter if you are celebrating your father, grandfather, husband, brother or other man this Father’s Day, remember that he deserves something truly special.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few thoughts to get you started…

For Sports Lovers

Does his favorite team have a game coming up? Or does he love to play golf and not always get as much time as he might want? Do some quick research and find him tickets to a game, or plan a whole day at the course for him and his friends – he will love the time to enjoy his favorite pastimes.


For Adventure Seekers/Outdoorsmen

With warmer weather finally here, we have so many more options for gifts that take us out into nature.  Do you live in an area where you could plan a camping trip or a day of hiking? Or maybe he would love to enjoy a day of rock climbing, or head out on a boat.


For the Romantic

If romance is your thing – and let’s be honest, with kids it can be hard to get enough of it – this is a great time for you to take the lead and plan a special day or night out. Maybe it’s a couples massage at the spa, or a dinner at your favorite restaurant…whatever you choose make sure to take the time to enjoy just being together.


For a Special Celebration

Maybe this year marks a special occasion – a big anniversary, the birth of a new child, or something else. If so, maybe it’s the perfect time to gift him with a piece of jewelry (yes, jewelry works for men too!) that commemorates the occasion – watches, simple bracelets and even diamond bands for men make the perfect ideas.


Whatever you do, don’t forget to get him a card, give him a hug and truly let him know how much he means to you.

How do you plan on celebrating the special men in your life this Father’s Day?

HOF Girl

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Sneak Peek Part Two! The Aerial Collection

Last week I shared the first sneak peek of our brand new designer collection (don’t worry, if you missed it you can find it here)…and this week I have even more to share.

Again, playing on the inspiration of atmospheric elements and creating optical illusions in our diamond jewelry, here are a few more styles to look forward to from Aerial.

Sun Inspiration


Marquee and Teardrop Illusions



Petal Motifs


And of course, Simple Designs Great for Layering



There is even more in this great new collection, plus extensions to our other popular designer collections, so stay tuned for a full look in June!

HOF Girl

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Sneak Peek! New Designer Fashion Collection

Our Director of Design, Ilaria Lanzoni, has done amazing things for the Hearts On Fire brand. Her previous four collections – Lorelei, Illa, Copley and Atlantico – all bring a unique mix of diamond jewelry elegance seamlessly integrated into today’s fashion trends, and have proven extremely popular around the entire world. And who can’t love this smiling face?! 


That’s why I am so excited to announce that we have a NEW designer collection launching in June 2014 (plus several line extensions to the existing collections)! The Aerial Collection, named for its reflection of elements that originate in the air, is a perfect mix of romance and passion with beautiful representations of natural atmospheric elements – including suns, rain drops, butterflies, snowflakes, and more.


Additionally, for the first time ever, this collection allows Hearts On Fire to introduce more “shapes” into our diamond jewelry, as Ilaria has uniquely used optical illusions in her designs – taking only Hearts On Fire round diamonds to create the illusions of other diamond shapes, such as marquees and pears, with all the brilliant sparkle Hearts On Fire is known for. Just wait…


This collection is so much fun it’s hard for me to even begin showing you all that it portrays. So for now, here are a few of my favorite designs…with much more to come next week. Enjoy!

Butterfly Motifs

Double Finger Rings

Stackable Bands

Right Hand Rings

Diamond Cluster Studs

Is there an Aerial design you are excited about seeing?

HOF Girl

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4 New Bridal Collections You Don’t Know About

Wedding gowns are a tricky part of wedding planning. You want something perfect. You want something unique. Yet, as brides-to-be, we spend so much time researching the perfect gown in magazines and online (especially on Pinterest these days), that it becomes harder and harder to find that perfectly unique gown.

That’s why it’s always exciting when new bridal collections are launched…especially with new designers. Here are four new designers who are debuting wedding gown collections in 2014 – with looks guaranteed to make you stand out:

Naeem Khan – Inspired by cities around the world, this bold collection turned heads at the 2014 Bridal Fashion Week with intricate embroidery on gowns featuring daring patterns, gorgeous bead work, and feminine floral appliqués. They are truly the perfect blend of glamour and timeless appeal.

Zac Posen – Brides-to-be will love this line…designer fashion without the designer price tag! In Zac Posen’s new line sold at exclusively at David’s Bridal, prices start as low as $850 for designer wedding gowns that feature seven romantic styles, from classic fit-and-flare gowns to princess-worthy dresses. Note, bridesmaid dresses are available in this line too.

Mara Hoffman – For those brides who are a bit more “carefree,” this line of gowns is perfect. With a more natural and bohemian feel, these gowns allow brides to achieve their free-spirited look in a beautiful and elegant way.

Viktor&Rolf’s – These gown are for the true non-traditional bride – as these designers introduce a six piece capsule collection of wedding dresses that include adventurous looks inspired by menswear, shorter looks for beach weddings, but also longer gowns for more elegant affairs.


Have you seen any gowns from these collections yet? Or are you excited about one in particular?

HOF Girl

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