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Will This Season Be Your Season? (Infographic)

When most people think of the winter months, snowflakes, holidays and parties quickly come to mind. But one thing many people forget about? Diamond engagement rings.

That’s right. This time of year also marks Engagement Season as more than 1/3 of all couples will get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day!

While fun and exciting, this first major diamond purchase can also be overwhelming for many couples. To share insight into what real women want – and more importantly, what men should know when it comes to buying engagement rings – our team at Hearts On Fire developed the below infographic from available sources around the industry.

A few fun highlights include:

  • Round and square shaped diamonds are by far the most popular center stone shape, with more than 90% of brides choosing this shape.
  • Cut is the most important of the “4 C’s” when it comes to choosing a diamond.
  • 65% of future brides are involved in the purchasing process and 31% help choose their own ring.
  • 2 in 5 grooms purchase from a local, independent jewelry store and 1 out of 9 grooms purchase their engagement ring online.
  • 76% of men still get down on one knee to propose, and 43% plan the proposal down to every last detail.
  • 33% say don’t bother proposing without a diamond ring!

The question now is…will this “season” be your season? Ladies…be sure to share with your man!

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