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Unique Fall Color Schemes

For women that have recently gotten engaged – or may be engaged in the near future – and are looking toward planning a Fall wedding for 2013, now is the time to start. But maybe you want all of the Fall beauty with a modern twist? One way to really spice things up with your own personality outside of your dress and jewelry is the color schemes you use, so instead of the typical orange, red and browns, here are a few unique twists on amazing Fall color schemes:

Orange and turquoise – want to stay a little classic but give your wedding a pop? While shades of tangerine will give the Fall impression you want, contrasts of turquoise will make your wedding feel modern and fun.

Brown and pink (or purple) – this is a great choice for any Fall bride! Browns and light pink are easy to dress up with formal attire, or style down with designs of bows, polka dots and stripes.

Kelly green and slate gray – if you’re feeling a little more conservative, but want a preppy and unique feel, this color scheme is for you. It gives the options to be as casual or formal as you want, and is perfect for a variety of venues.

Do you have a favorite Fall color combination that you are looking at or would recommend to our brides-to-be?

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