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Five of the Craziest Ways to Propose

Some of us will get engaged just sitting on the couch at home. Some will get engaged at a romantic dinner or walking along a beach. And some will see their name and proposal flash across a Jumbotron or fly by with an airplane sign.

But what if your proposal was even bigger?

As we all know, the perfect proposal starts with a perfect ring, but lately I have heard some totally off-the-wall ideas (and real-life examples) for making your engagement really stand out. Not sure they are my style, but here are 5 of the craziest proposal ideas yet:

Defy Gravity

We’re not sure whether it’s the power of true love or g-force, but a gravity-defying proposal is proven to give a girl butterflies. One guy, for starters, took his fiancé–to-be up 30,000 feet in a Boeing 757 zero-gravity airplane to propose while they floated in mid-air. Another took his true love skydiving and sewed “the question” into his parachute harness so he could propose mid-freefall.

Get Geeky

Since we use technology for work, entertainment, and to connect with friends, why not use it to propose? Hackers-at-heart will appreciate the genius who built his own version of “Bejeweled”, the popular mobile game, to ask his girlfriend to marry him mid-game (the maker of the app ended up giving the game free to everyone who showed up to the wedding). Or there’s the gamer who created a custom level in Halo 3, he and his girlfriend’s favorite game, so he could virtually drop to one knee and ask his fellow combatant for her hand in marriage.

Enlist the Help of a Celebrity

A few guys have decided that in order to really stand out, they need to use a celebrity who’s famous to help propose. In one public display, a guy enlisted the help of Scrubs actor Zach Braff to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Another tapped into the superstar status of Tom Cruise, who actually popped the question on the man’s behalf (she said yes, immediately). There’s also the guy who worked with the Goo Goo Dolls’ PR team to record a music video and organize an on-stage shout-out from the band to round out his proposal.

Scare the Daylights Out of Them

No matter how you pop the question, her heart will likely skip a beat. But apparently some guys want to take it a step further and make her heart to stop altogether. Like the guy who literally stopped traffic on a California freeway with a biker gang, so he could get off of his bike and propose. He even installed special tires that would emit girly-pink smoke as they skidded against the road. Another guy convinced a cop to fake-arrest his girlfriend before he asked.

Involve a TON of people

How many movies have you seen where the guy yells to a street full of people that he loves his woman and doesn’t care who knows it? For a really crazy proposal, think one of those moments times 10,000. Take Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz.com, who rallied the Internet with a Kickstarter campaign to help him buy a superbowl ad in which he would propose. He didn’t raise the $2.5 million he needed, but he raised enough to buy an advertising slot during his girlfriend’s favorite show, Veronica Mars. Another great example of a crazy proposal is Isaac Lamb’s lip-dub performance with more than 60 people that became one of the most heartwarming proposals in Internet history. And of course, there’s always the flashmob.

Loving these ideas? Go even further by combining multiple proposal tactics to win the prize for the most over-the-top proposal ever.

Do you have a crazy way to propose that I missed?

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